The Most Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator


Here are some of the most ingenious storage solutions you should steal for an organized refrigerator.

After lugging heavy bags of groceries through the door, the last thing anyone feels like doing is sorting them by type or expiration date. The more common strategy is stuffing everything into the little refrigerator space available and hoping your fridge doesn’t burst.

Trust us ― giving everything in your fridge a proper place will save you lots of time and money in the long run. Here are a few ways to help you whip your fridge into shape.

1. Keep raw meats in a separate bin.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Even if you’re not typically squeamish or germaphobic, it probably still grosses you out a bit when a package of uncooked meat leaks onto your fridge shelves. To prevent cross-contamination between raw meats and, well, everything else, try this tip we previously wrote about and keep those packages in a separate bin.

2. And all those bottles of beer!

First launched on Kickstarter, BottleLoft is another brilliant product that hangs things and frees up limited shelf space. Made with industrial-strength magnets (each one is capable of holding 3.6 pounds!), you simply attach the strip to the bottom of a shelf or the fridge’s ceiling, then hang any bottle with a magnetic cap.

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