10 Kitchen Organization Ideas You Wish You Had


Here are a few ideas for kitchen organization that can possibly help you to regain control of your kitchen.

1. Hidden knife block

Well this innovative idea is perfect if you have the space and the know how to make it happen. By including this clever sliding panel beside an oven or even in between other cupboards you’ll be able to retrieve a knife whenever you need it with the greatest of ease, and it will open up that needed counter space. Just be sure to clean the block every now and again as it could possibly get a little dusty.

2. Spice Rack

If you’re picky about your spices you likely have more than you know what to do with, and as a result you have a wide variety of spices you know nothing about as they’ve sat in your cupboard for months if not longer. By creating a useful shelving device such as this you can at least see what you have and make a better decision when it comes to using them. If nothing else you will know exactly what is in your cupboard, and when you might need to go out and get more of one spice.

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