15 Organization Ideas For Small Pantries


Check out these clever ideas for keeping your pantry organized and maximize your space!

Even though it’s very helpful, it also all depends on its size. A small pantry might seem like a waste of space but, if you organize it cleverly, you’ll see that it’s not true.


Here’s a clever idea for the pantry: paint the interior of the doors with chalkboard paint. This way you’ll be able to make notes, write lists and all sorts of useful things on them. The writing will only be visible when you open the doors to the pantry so it all remains hidden. More on it at –  11magnolialane.


If you want to make sure that your pantry doesn’t look like a gathering of items that have nothing in common, try to organize them into categories. Put the spices on a shelf, the small items in a box and the miscellaneous all together on a shelf. More on it at – thesunnysideupblog.


If you have a pantry with glass on the doors, then you’ll also want the interior to look beautiful. Choose beautiful containers and arrange them beautifully. Make sure the shelves are not empty but not full either. Everything should be balanced. More on it at –  thehouseofsmiths.

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