This Powerful Three Ingredient Natural Drink will Detox your Liver in 7 Days


Detox your liver naturally with this 3 ingredient recipe!

Toxins build up in the body slowly due to the consumption of packaged and processed foods. This recipe will help you get rid of those toxins, improve your immune system and also get prevent various health problems.


  • 4 peeled beetroots
  • Half lemon
  • 1 cup purified water

Beet and lemon juices are known in the natural healing world as good agents to help the liver with detoxification. “Lessons From the Miracle Doctors” author Jon Barron suggests using beets, in particular, to detoxify your liver periodically. However, Barron does not recommend using fruit and vegetable juices together. As with any matter concerning your body consult with health and nutritional specialists before starting any new diet or medication regimen.

You only have one liver and it is of the utmost importance to take care of it. Healthy liver cells are capable of regeneration; however, once diseased these cells do not regenerate, of course, you could always try to get a liver transplant but finding a match could take many years.

Detox your liver naturally with this 3 ingredient recipe!

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